Spursuader [Product Review]

| July 5, 2011 | 3 Comments

Product Name: Spursauder

Website: http://spursuader.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/spursuasion

Facebook: http://facebook.com/spursuader

What Horse Family™ thinks about the product:

I’ve tried various spurs on my horse throughout the past several years, none of which have prompted a pleasant response from my Paint mare, Lark. All of them have caused a bitter reaction that usually involves no movement at all (my horse can be a bit of a mule sometimes…) or blatant kicking out. It’s been a frustration of mine for a while and I eventually gave up on using spurs altogether.

When Spursuader got in contact with me about their new product, I decided to give spurs one more try. I wasn’t sure what would happen and I was even a bit concerned that this latest attempt would result in yet another failure. Fortunately, this was not so.

My mare was quite aware of the Spursuaders after I mounted. I waited for the usual ear pinning to begin. It didn’t. I asked for a walk, then a trot. I was legitimately expecting Lark’s bad attitude to show its ugly colors at that point, but things were still fine.

The Spursuaders have proven themselves to be a wonderful alternative to the traditional spur. As shown in the video, even spurs with dull tips can still bother sensitive horses. To find out more about these spurs, visit the Spursuader website at http://spursuader.com.

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    A happy horse = a happy horse owner!

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      True story. :-)

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    Awesome Product Mandee, thanks for sharing! Also love your ebook, how can I help you promote?