Mane ‘n Tail Makes An Appearance in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

| June 9, 2011 | 13 Comments

Since when does shampoo get featured on TV in anything other than a commercial? When you pair it up with documentary filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, 2004), it does.

Devon B. Katzev, President of Straight Arrow Products, Inc., the Makers of the Original Mane ‘n Tail,  talked with Horse Family about Mane ‘n Tail’s recent appearance in Spurlock’s most recent film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

MW: How did Mane n Tail get involved with the documentary? Were you one of the 600 potential sponsors that Morgan Spurlock approached?

DK: Yes we were, Morgan approached us just like he portrayed it in the movie. He initially called Straight Arrow Products, Inc to see if we were interested and our PR Department reviewed the proposal and made the decision with our Sales and Marketing VP, and myself to be a part of the movie.

MW: Have you seen an increase in sales and/or customer response since the movie was released?

DK: It is a bit early to tell about increased sales as a result of the movie, our sales have been up this year, regardless…but we have seen quite a bit of response to the public relations supporting the movie.

MW: Do you think that the exposure from this documentary is helping your company reach a new audience that maybe was not being reached before, since many of the viewers are not necessarily equestrians?

DK: Yes, I do believe will have an impact on a viewer who has never heard of us before. Morgan Spurlock’s personality very much compliments Mane ‘n Tail as a brand. His style as a film maker is very entertaining and personable. He observes human nature and brings it to the big screen with a humorous twist. We were thrilled that Morgan chose us to be a part of this film.

MW: What other comments do you have about the film and marketing/advertising in general?

DK: It was a unique and insightful look into the world of advertising and marketing and its on the film industry and its audience. We realized as well, after seeing the film, to quote Morgan Spurlock, “We were not selling out, we were really buying in.”

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  • Reenie

    commenting here for the trial run of mane and tail —- okay I’m in – is this the right spot ???? LOL ???

  • Lynzee

    Love mane and tail, I’ve been using it for years! Looks like a great movie really looking forward to seeing it especially now that I have started my own business, very intriguing.

  • Ramsey Stoneburner

    Love me some M&T!!!!! I remember yearrrss ago using it on my OWN hair! Now you hear professional hair salon ppl suggesting that! ;)

  • Paige Cerulli

    It’s certainly a unique way to gain publicity for the product! I can remember seeing Mane ‘n Tail in the grocery store when I was just a little kid and wanting to get the “horsey shampoo” that I could also use on myself (I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a horse as a kid, so it was a big deal to buy a horse product).

  • Iota McHippus

    I swear by the stuff! Matter of fact I’m bathing in it tomorrow.

  • Ashleigh

    I love main and tail!

  • Teresa

    Love the shampoo and conditioner – for my horses and me!

  • Mrskimmell

    I love mane n tail!!! I’ve used it for years and it’s never let me down!!

  • Caitlin Heller

    I love Mane and Tail!

  • Dawn Duffy

    I love it!!! I use Mane ‘n Tail on myself and my horse. And I love the smell of it!! Thanks for a wonderful product!!

  • Laura

    I know i am to late to get in on this…. But i just have to tell you that I love mane and tail…I use it on all my horses and it always makes them look so beautiful…. Thank you for making such a great product….
    LOVE IT.

  • Bonnie Ebsen Jackson

    The image at 2:12 of the video is enough to make me say “I’m in!” Love the product, regardless…long time user.

  • danzee

    Unfortunately, the documentary says at the end that Mane ‘n’ Tail didn’t pay up for its sponsorshop.  It provided some product but that was it.